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Honey Badger Brigade is Moving!

Excuse our piles of dirt, we in the process of digging out a new burrow.

Honoring Great Women on International Women’s Day | The Week in Men’s Rights

Is this title clickbait? No actually. We have many women we need to thank for the great work they’ve done and today is a good day to do so. Join us @5pm Eastern! by …

Cult of personality disorder | HBR Talk 75

HBR Talk dives into the murky waters of the victim identity cult’s brokenness-worship phenomenon, its impact and implications, and its use as a social weapon. Tune in @7PM EST Opening monologue transcript Want more?…

Going Through Big Joel’s “The Red Pill” Movie Review w/Karen and Alison | Help Hannah Fundraiser

Join us on the Help Hannah Fundraiser Stream as we go through Big Joel’s video entitled “The Red Pill: The Strange Art of Men’s Rights Activism (Part 1)” with Alison Tieman and Karen Straughan. Please join us and donate to… Continue Reading →

Google Attempts to Fix the Wage Gap, Boning men in the Process | HBR News 199

Join us on the HBR News Show as we look at the events of the week, including false accusers avoiding prison, International Women’s Strike, Social Justice in the bar industry, and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern! by …

Talking With Prince of Queens About Shifting From Blue to Red-Pilled | Fireside Chat 104

Join us on the Fireside Chat as we talk with YouTuber Prince of Queens about his channel, his journey from being a hard line SJW to where he is now and what kind of things came with that. Tune in… Continue Reading →

Breaking the Narrative Episode 115: Revisiting the Shield Hero! Interesting Parallels.

Its been another interesting week with the ending of February. However I wish to go back to Rise of the Shield Hero because I decided to take a peek ahead in the light novel due to how the anime is… Continue Reading →

Big Victory for NCFM: The Draft is Ruled Unconstitutional, and More! | This Week in Men’s Rights

Join us on the week in Men’s Rights as we look at things MRAs have actually accomplished, from the recent ruling on the United States Military Draft, New Zealand’s recent statement on men and boys’ inclusion on a UN human… Continue Reading →

Political purgatory – Prison of the victim identity cult | HBR Talk 74

If nothing you do can ever be defined as failure… how do you define success? HBR Talk discusses how our society fosters mediocrity by incentivizing unwise choices, generally at the expense of men. Opening monologue transcript Want more?…

Facebook Censorship, New Samurai Showdown Trailer & Rotten Tomatoes Does Damage Control | Nerdcast

Join us on the Nerdcast as we talk about the week in geek! New game trailers, new releases and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern! Sources: by …

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