It’s a jubilant victory, but a cautious one. After all, he still has to pay the fine. We discuss all the implications of this ruling and why we need to remain vigilant. (NOTE: Sorry for the audio issues with Alison for the first couple of minutes. They get better after she initially stops talking).


1. Dankula (aka as Mark Meecham) NOT going to jail
– Instead he will receive an 800€ fine (roughly $1,100 dollars)
– Upon leaving the courtroom, Meecham and his girlfriend were met with cheers of adoration

2. Meechan planned to appeal against his conviction over concerns it sets a legal precedent, but the judge denied it
n response to this, Meecham said the following: “A really dangerous precedent has been set for people to say things, their context to be completely ignored and then they can be convicted for it.”

3. Today. in response to this legal controversy, a political group by the name of “Liberalists UK (formed by a friend of HBR, Sargon of Akkad), helped to organize a march from Leicester Square to Downing Street
– The march had hundreds of attendees; almost all had symbolic tape over their mouths

4. Upon reaching Downing Street, the aforementioned Sargon gave a speech. Here is an excerpt:

– “Ethnic jokes serve one purpose: to diffuse ethnic tensions by normalizing the differences between ethnicities. If we are not free to offend one another, we are not free to make the kind of ethnic jokes that strengthen the social fabric of this country. Without the freedom to offend, we create a series of armed camps, each watching the others for any signs of transgression… both obsessed with defending the honor of their respective tribe. This can only divide a country by setting us apart from one another and making us strangers to our neighbours. We need the banter to keep ourselves grounded and maintain this United Kingdom. Unless we scrap all laws prohibiting insult and giving them offense, the problems we are facing will only get worse. Free Count Dankula. Thank you.”