Join Alison, Karen and Brian on the Rantzerker as we look at the five stupidest things said on Al-Jazeera plus’ newest anti-male propaganda video on toxic masculinity. Did you know Mangrea causes school shootings? Neither did we! Tune in @3pm Eastern!


Stupid statement # 1 : 0.05 – 0.27   

We know that men are also hurt by these gender roles and a lack of gender equality, from small things like pretending you like battle bots, to you have allergies when you watch the notebook, to real traumas that lead to mass shootings, we’re talking about the men and, yeah, the white supremacists who suffer from, perpetuate and prey on toxic masculinity.

Ignoring suicide statistics, education gap statistics, sentencing gap statistics… Are all these things attributable to toxic masculinity? Let’s just take the sentencing gap, is the fact that women serve seven months for every year men serve in jail for exactly the same crime and circumstances also toxic masculinity? Is the fact that men kill themselves at three times the rate of women toxic masculinity? Is the fact that boys are dropping out of school due to toxic masculinity? The fact is all of this is explained by the expectation that men benefit women before themselves or they’re worthless. Again 20 men will kill themselves for every one person who is a victim of violence at the hands of man. You’re focusing on the aberration and pretending it’s the norm; and pretending it’s the only thing you need to explain about “how patriarchy hurts men.”

Men and white supremacists associated with toxic masculinity? What happened to the female KKK and female Nazis? What about the woman who got Emmet Till lynched and his dead body thrown in a river. Did they just get memory holed.

0.51 – 1.12    

What about the boys who are profoundly effected in a negative way on what some adult man is doing against their mother, themselves, their sisters *heavy panting* what about all those boys *heavy panting* what about the young men who have been traumatized by adult men’s violence. The same system that produces men who abuse women produces men who *self-righteous pointing* abuse other men! – Dr. Katz

How about this violence done by an adult man against an infant boy mr. Katz?

Maybe men and boys are acting out the violence done to them by a system that doesn’t care to consider their pain.

Stupid statement # 2 : 1.23 – 1.31

Women and men are both victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and men are more often the perpetrators towards everyone.

Women do 70% of non-reciprocal domestic violence and initiate more often than men.

In addition women are not only afforded the benefit of the doubt when accused of domestic violence by the police, they’re also less likely to be arrested except for the most extreme forms of domestic abuse.

“The police were more likely to question whether they had identified the correct perpetrator in instances involving women.” – Page 8

“As indicated in Graph 1, Breach of the Peace was the highest level of offence for which most men and women were arrested. Men were most likely to have actual bodily harm (s 47), criminal damage or other offences (including affray and drunk and disorderly) as the highest levels of offences resulting in arrest. Men were arrested for threats to kill, but not women. In contrast (and reflecting women’s use of weapons), violence by women resulted in arrests for a wider range of, and more serious, offences involving assault – from common assault (s39), to grievous bodily harm (s18) to grievous bodily harm with intent (s20).” Page 9-10


Runner up : 1.44 – 2.01

Taught that men had to be tough, strong, courageous, dominating, no pain, no emotions with the exception of anger and definitely no fear.

Why do you think these qualities are emphasized? Who do you think these qualities serve? Essentially men are supposed to not show emotions much less get their emotional needs met. Why is this the case?

Runner up : 3.26 – 3.47    

Men are superior, women are inferior. That men are strong, women are weak, that women are of less value. Property of men, and objects. Particularly sexual objects.

Who says that men are superior? Even fundamentalist christians say that men and women are complimentary, if men have to take charge they have to do so for the benefit of the women in their lives.

And what does it matter if you’re strong as a man, if you’re expected to serve my weaknesses as a woman? That means your strength is my strength to dispose of as I wish?

That women are of less value? Really?


Women were never the property of men.

Look up Brill’s New Poly online. It’s a reference for classical studies and it covers the status of women in ancient societies. I suggest you read it and stop talking about your imaginary fantasy that your generation of men were the only generation of men that every thought, hey we should value women!

Runner up : 4.27- 4.50

  1. As a boy all I wanted was to be accepted and liked by other boys but this acceptance required I had to acquire this almost disgusted view of the feminine.
  2. As a boy I thought I had to put on a show for everyone I could not be myself and I wanted to put on what society said was masculinity.
  3. The fear of feeling anything is, if I start crying I may never stop, I may just cry and cry.

As a boy you needed to be disgusted by the feminine. How does that work with the expectation to be heterosexual my dude?

You wanted to live up to the masculine? Yes being “a man” is being of service to others, it’s a role people should live up to. Amazingly in a patriarchal society a man is defined by how well he protects and provides for others. A man is not defined by his needs, neither emotional or health based, that’s why as you’re correctly pointing out men are not allowed to express either. You would think in a society that benefits men over women, men would have more opportunity to ask for that benefit and have their needs recognized and met. And yet it’s women who are constantly allowed to express emotional, material and protection based needs.

The fear of crying is that if I start crying, I will never stop, I’ll just cry and cry and cry. That’s interesting since you believe in something that says you have nothing to cry about since men are privileged over women.

Stupid Statement # 3 5.30 – 5.48

Toxic masculinity has been used to talk about a driving factor behind some of the most violent behaviour we already know that half of female murder victims are killed by a male partner or former intimate partner. But now we have the grim patterns found in mass shootings. Since 1982, 97% of the school shooters have been men.

Women being more than half of all domestic violence murders is something that’s changed since the nineteen seventies, in the FBIs statistics. It used to be that equal numbers of men and women or near equal were killed by their spouses, then the number dropped for men. So a situation getting better over the last fifty years for men is presented as oppression of women.


Wow nice little grin there at 5:48. Love the asymmetrical dimple. You certainly look horrified and not at all like someone’s scored a point. You guys need a better actress, this one is also letting the duping delight out.

Runner Up : 6.45 – 7.03  

But the connection between toxic masculinity and mass murder gets even scarier because more and more mass acts of violence are being committed by far right extremists and deep seated misogyny is often a pillar of hateful ideology. Some have even called called toxic masculinity a gateway drug to other toxic views. [Elliot Rodger] wrote about his frustrations about feeling like a loser because he didn’t receive attention from women. He wrote ‘I will punish all females for the crime of depriving me of sex.’ He also held racist resentment towards black men who had girlfriends. And new reporting shows that he was interested in Nazism.

Elliot Rodger was half Asian. As a mixed-race child the idea he was interested in white racial purity only speaks to his self-hatred.

Further he stabbed three men to death, shot one, and two women. Why was he punishing the men… oh wait, it was probably because he thought they were getting the sex he wasn’t. So he was killing men for getting the sex he didn’t and women for not giving it… how is this misogyny and not sociopathic narcissism… seeing everyone in terms of one’s own needs?

And further more what do the ravings of a deranged man-child have to do with men in general? Seriously? What you call “toxic masculinity” is the observation that men do bad things to other people sometimes.

It’s vacuous, so do women and children and space aliens.

Stupid Statement # 4 : 7.51 – 8.11

In fact a lot of what defines the alt right bog of the internet was born out of a specific hatred of women from the trolls who attacked female gamers in Gamergate, to men’s rights activism which sees feminism as an existential threat to men’s rights, to pick up artists who prey on male insecurity about not having sex or not having enough sex, and selling them tips on how to act more like a Douche bag to attract women.

Feminists are trying to remove due process for men accused of sex crimes. Just a few days ago a man was fined for insulting a police woman. Men can be arrested for sitting wrong on public transit. Feminists have already instituted primary aggressor laws and domestic violence quotas that have created a situation that abused men are more likely to be arrested than the woman abusing them. You are a threat to men’s rights.


Okay so if they’re teaching men who can’t get laid to act like douchebags, isn’t that a problem that solves itself? So what. You just said it’s not going to work, so they’re wasting their money. Certainly being the victim of a con is horrible misogyny.

Stupid Statement # 5 : 9.51 – 10.03

I challenge you to see if can use the same qualities that you think makes you a man, to go deeper into yourself. Are you brave enough to be vulnerable?

Brave enough to be vulnerable?

This man was. On national television in the UK no less.

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