Patrick Brown re-enters leadership race for the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, after it is proven that a key accusation of sexual misconduct against him was proven false.


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 1. Patrick Brown is re-entering the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race
– Patrick Brown was forced out of the party in January after two women made sexual  misconduct allegations against him
– One of the key accusations was proven as false

2. The accusations were as follows:

– One woman, a former staffer for the Ontario PCs, said Brown tried to kiss her and climbed on top of her when the two were in his bedroo

– Another woman said that when she was underage, Brown took her home from a bar, gave her booze, took her to his room and asked for oral sex

3. In response, Brown said that the former staffer kissed him and not the other way around, and the incident with the underage girl never happened

4. The CTV News online article that originally published these accusations, has been edited to say that the supposedly underage woman was of legal drinking age and out of high school.

– The same unnamed accuser said to CTV the following: “The comments made about me on social media were demeaning, victim-blaming and misogynistic. My privacy was invaded, my character was assassinated, and I was subjected to gratuitous slurs about my private life and relationships.”
– Her lawyer said the following as well: “Just the backlash, the misogyny, the hatred, the online trolling of false, demeaning and very hurtful things has really taken a toll.

5. One element of the false “underage drinking” story stated that Brown offered her a tour that ended in his upstairs bedroom
– Brown said that that was “factually impossible” because, at the time, he was living in a one-floor apartment
– Brown has also taken two lie-detectors this week that indicate he is telling the truth

6. The accusers stand by their allegations.
– The woman who lied about the key piece of information said the following: “I stand absolutely

by the truth of what I said to CTV. There is nothing in what Patrick Brown alleges that undermines the core truth of what I have experienced with him.