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Weinstein Accuser Lied?! Hillary Clinton Loses Security Clearance! | HBR News 181

Join us on the HBR News show as we look at the stories of the week, including news on Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Clinton, witches against Ted Kavanaugh, Goblin Slayer and more! Tune in @6pm Eastern! by …

Crowder, Change My Mind : Conservatives are Not Winning

Breaking the Narrative Episode 101: I Feel Moist! A Review of Hinomaru-Zumou.

Well here is an anime that’s going to be rare and odd for me. I’m going to review a….SPORTS ANIME! “Wait, wasn’t Keijo a sp…” A SPORTS ANIME! This one is called Hinomaru-Zumou or Sumo Wrestler Hinomaru.…

New Atheism As The Seed Of The Post-Religious Right: A Speculative History

Author’s Note: I am aware that HBB is primarily a gender issues blog, and I confess this article is somewhat tangential in its relationship to that subject. However, the wider ‘culture war’ context in which men’s issues are discussed needs… Continue Reading →

Female reverse Sperm Jacker entitled to role as reproductive councilor – NY Mag Ethicist

Tolerance for malicious #MeToo victim-signalling is barbaric

Realize… many, many bad people are bad because they respond to facing adversity – real or perceived – by trying to forcibly transfer it to some unwilling, innocent person, a scapegoat, instead of using their strengths or confronting their weaknesses… Continue Reading →

"Single Mothers Not Acceptable" – London Mayoral Candidate Shaun Bailey | British Badger Belles

Toe that line? Hell no! | HBR Talk 55

Join Hannah Wallen, Karen Straughan, and Prim Reaper as we discuss feminism’s narratives & attitudes regarding nonfeminist women, including their tendency to oppose women’s agency and choice when those women choose not to treat the entire male population as an… Continue Reading →

Toe that line? Hell no! | HBR Talk 55

Weinstein Accuser Lied?! Hillary Clinton Loses Security Clearance! | HBR News 181

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